Tragedy in Chefchaouen: An Engineer Succumbs to a Gas Leak

Chefchaouen, Morocco – A heartbreaking tragedy struck the city of Chefchaouen yesterday, Thursday, November 9, when a talented engineer lost her life following a butane gas leak in her own home.

The incident took place in the Bab El Souk district, in the heart of this peaceful Moroccan city. The victim, whose identity is being withheld for the moment, was found lifeless in his bathroom, a tragedy caused by a butane gas leak coming from his water heater.

According to informed local sources, this tragedy was triggered by incomplete combustion of butane gas in the heater, causing toxic gas to build up in the bathroom. The deceased was caught unawares while taking a bath, and the situation proved fatal.

The victim was a respected engineer, employed within one of the entities in the province of Chefchaouen. His untimely death plunged the local community into deep sadness.

Immediately alerted, civil protection teams and local authorities reacted diligently. They supervised the transfer of the deceased’s body to the Chefchaouen forensic institute for an autopsy, which will determine the exact circumstances of her death.

At the same time, the security forces opened an investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office. Legal procedures are underway, including careful examination of the victim’s body and the scene of the tragedy.

This tragedy is a poignant reminder of the critical importance of home safety and monitoring of gas-fired appliances. She leaves the community of Chefchaouen in shock, mourning the loss of a talented engineer whose life was brutally cut short.

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