‘Travis Kelce just assaulted Andy Reid’, fans react to heated Super Bowl exchange: VIDEO

As the Super Bowl fervor reached its peak, a dramatic scene unfolded on the sidelines, drawing the gaze of fans worldwide. Travis Kelce was sidelined, visibly frustrated. A video clip emerged showing a heated exchange between Chiefs’ standout player and head coach Andy Reid.

fans react to heated Super Bowl exchange(X, CBS, Getty)

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Travis Kelce shoves Andy Reid in anger

Tempers flared on the Chiefs sideline in the second quarter as tight end Travis Kelce vented his frustration over a missed play. This outburst occurred after Kelce’s absence from a crucial red zone play resulted in a fumble by running back Isiah Pacheco.

Pacheco fumbled the ball, making Kelce really mad at his coach. As shown in the video, Kelce threw his helmet and yelled at Andy Reid. He was so upset that he even burged towards Reid, and his body force almost shook the old coach during his angry moment while the score remained 3-0 in favour of the San Francisco 49ers. Thankfully, running back Jerick McKinnon promptly intervened, separating Kelce from Reid and preventing the situation from escalating further.

The video making rounds on social media has triggered diverse responses from NFL fans. Some are backing Travis, seeing his helmet toss as a natural response to a big ‘missed’ moment, while others are calling out his behaviour, deeming it unprofessional given his stature as a player.

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A user wrote, “Unhinged lunatic Travis Kelce body checks his own head coach, Andy Reid. What a jack***”, while others chimed in too, “Cmmon that’s very natural”, “I will beat the shit out of you if you embarrass me in front of my gf.”-Travis Kelce to Andy Reid”, “So we just gonna ignore Travis Kelce damn near knocking Andy Reid down while screaming at him? Like Is he okay?”, “TRAVIS KELCE JUST ASSAULTED ANDY REID GET THIS THUG OFF THE FIELD”, “Wow. Travis Kelce bumped Andy Reid after he was taken off the field.”

Some people made light of the confusion with vaccines, joking that receiving a 7th COVID booster shot shouldn’t be accompanied by a Bud Light. However, to sum up the frustration, it’s important to note Kelce’s importance as one of the most potent red-zone threats in football history. He’s consistently been Mahomes’ top favourite in their two previous Super Bowl victories.

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