Travis Kelce’s outburst at coach Andy Reid decoded! Here’s what he may said, according to lip reading experts

Travis Kelce’s viral moment, captured while shouting at coach Andy Reid, has set the internet ablaze with memes. Swifties are weighing in, considering it a potential red flag that Taylor Swift should acknowledge. Accusations of Travis being aggressive and abusive have surfaced, but the truth remains known only to the two individuals involved. The burning question on everyone’s mind is:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – FEBRUARY 11: Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs reacts at Head coach Andy Reid in the first half against the San Francisco 49ers during Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024 i(Getty Images via AFP)

What exactly did Travis say to Andy?

Post-game, Travis lightened the mood by joking that he was expressing his love for Andy Reid. His love message took a humorous turn, while Reid quipped their animated blowup captured his lack of balance.

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However, expert lip readers delving into the incident revealed a different narrative. According to The Post, Kelce’s message to Reid was an expletive-laden plea: “Hey, come on, you f–ker, put me on.” Another lip reader, as reported by the Daily Mail, interpreted Kelce’s passionate outburst as, “Keep me in. You f–ker! I’m calm now!”

During the second quarter of the Chiefs’ nail-biting 25-22 overtime victory, Kelce’s intense interaction with Reid on the sideline involved yelling and even a head coach bump. The intrigue surrounding this heated moment has left fans speculating and buzzing about the untold details.

In Case You Missed it, watch Travis storm to Andy and shout in his ear as the calm looking coach loses balance

The Chiefs had just lost possession in the red zone, with running back Isiah Pacheco fumbling the ball away, and Kelce was seemingly frustrated about not being on the field for that snap, according to the CBS broadcast.

Andy later explained Travis’ state of mind in a post match interview. He claimed later Travis hugged him apologised for his outburst. “He just wants to be on the field and wants to play, so there was no body I get better than him. He is a competitive kid and makes him feel young. But, my balance is terrible bugger”

Whereas Kelce was emphatic that it was caught on camera, “You guys saw that?” Kelce said. “I’m going to keep it between us unless my mic’d up tells the world. I was just telling him how much I loved him.”

Kelce and Reid hugged, with The Athletic also reporting that Reid “patted” Kelce on the back, later in the quarter, and Kelce — who had just one catch for 1 yard in the first half — ended up playing a key role in the Chiefs’ second consecutive Super Bowl title and third in the past five years.

While both were scarce with details, NFL Films will have mic’d up coverage coming from the game that will emerge this week and that sideline interaction would be a prime candidate to be highlighted if the league wants.

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