Trump claps back at RFK Jr. for calling him ‘giant coward’ over debate exclusion: ‘He needs needs more than his name…’

Robert F. Kennedy blasted Donald Trump and Joe Biden for “colluding” to exclude him from debates by calling them “giant cowards”. Now, hitting back at RFK Jr., the former President said he “needs more than his name to get on the ‘stage’.”

Robert F. Kennedy blasted Donald Trump and Joe Biden for “colluding” to exclude him from debates by calling them “giant cowards”.(Getty Images via AFP/AP)

Taking to Truth Social on Thursday, Trump accused Biden of refusing to include Kennedy in the debate, despite the fact that they share some policy beliefs. The GOP leader pointed out that RFK Jr. seems to be on a downward path as his polling numbers are very low.

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Trump declares he’d have ‘no problem’ having Kennedy on debate stage

Later on Thursday, Trump appeared in an interview with Scripps News, where he said that he would have “no problem” with independent RFK Jr. taking part in the debate, if he meets the criteria.

“But he’s very low and seems to be heading in the other direction, in the wrong direction,” he said.

Trump on Wednesday accepted two head-to-head presidential debates challenge from Biden. While the first debate will be conducted by CNN on June 27, another will be hosted by ABC on September 10.

In a statement, CNN mentioned that in order to participate, candidates must achieve a number of standards, including having their names appear on enough ballots to hypothetically attain the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Contestants must also get at least 15 percent support from four different national surveys of registered or likely voters that fulfill CNN’s criteria.

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Robert F. Kennedy slams Biden and Trump for ignoring him

Kennedy on Wednesday claimed that his campaign has collected enough signatures to be eligible for the ballot in 14 states, lately stating that he has collected sufficient signatures to compete in Texas.

He raged against the decision to exclude him from the upcoming debates, claiming on X, “Presidents Trump and Biden are colluding to lock America into a head-to-head match-up that 70% say they do not want.”

“They are trying to exclude me from their debate because they are afraid I would win. Keeping viable candidates off the debate stage undermines democracy,” he wrote.

In another post, he announced: “I’m happy to report that I will meet the criteria to participate in the @CNN debate before the June 20 deadline. I look forward to holding Presidents Biden and Trump accountable for their records in Atlanta on June 27 to give Americans the debate they deserve. #KennedyShanahan24.”

All you need to know about Kennedy and his family

Kennedy, a 70-year-old anti-vaccine crusader and environmentalist, is running as an independent after previously challenging Biden for the Democratic candidacy. Despite the fact that he trails in overall polls, Kennedy has the potential to steal votes from Trump and Biden. According to the most recent Reuters/Ipsos survey, he is supported by 8 percent of registered voters, down seven percentage points from March.

Kennedy, who has picked lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his running mate, is the son of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was killed in 1968 while running for president. He has faced criticism from his famous family, which has publicly supported Biden.

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