Trump fumes over media coverage of RFK Jr ahead of US elections, calls him ‘dumbest member’ of Kennedy clan

Ahead of the November elections, former US president Donald Trump launched a scathing attack against his fellow presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr., calling him the “dumbest member” of his family.

“So bad that Fox News puts RFK Jr., considered the dumbest member of the Kennedy Clan, on their fairly conservative platform so much,” Trump wrote.(Getty Images via AFP/AP)

Amid intense competition for votes, Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social and blasted the independent candidate and appealed to the Republicans to not vote for the “Radical Left Lunatic.”

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“So bad that Fox News puts RFK Jr., considered the dumbest member of the Kennedy Clan, on their fairly conservative platform so much,” Trump wrote.

“Competitive networks don’t want anything to do with him. He’s a Radical Left Lunatic whose crazy Climate Change views make the Democrat’s Green New Scam look Conservative,” he added.

Born on January 17, 1954, Kennedy Jr.’s father was ex-Senator Robert F. Kennedy, while his uncle John F. Kennedy served as the president of the United States. Last year in October, he dropped his Democratic bid for the White House and chose to run as an independent candidate.

As he run as an independent, Kennedy Jr. appears to be a threat for Trump and President Joe Biden’s presidential campaigns as there are higher chances that he would steal votes from them. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey, Biden led Trump by a slim margin (40 percent to 39 percent), with Kennedy clinching the third spot with 8 percent.

Moreover, Kennedy Jr. has started to show up more frequently on conservative news networks and podcasts, which has apparently worried Trump’s campaign team.

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Kennedy Jr. ‘probably hurts’ Biden more than US: Trump

Reflecting on the polling numbers, Trump slammed Kennedy Jr., stating that “he’s polling badly, 8 percent at best, but says he does well against Crooked Joe and me, one on one.”

“WRONG, he gets trounced!”, the GOP leader continued, adding, “Junior said I’m the ‘best debater’ in generations, and I want to debate him, and Crooked, but first he’s got to get his bad poll numbers up—a lot! He would be ‘easy pickins.’”

In the end, Trump urged Republicans to “not waste your precious vote on this phony Liberal Activist” as he “probably hurts Sleepy Crooked Joe more than ‘US!’”

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign staff has questioned why Kennedy is now frequently interviewed by podcasters like Ben Shapiro and Fox News.

Kennedy Jr. hits back at Trump

This wasn’t the first time that Trump has targetted Kennedy Jr. Accusing Kennedy Jr. of being a Democratic “plant”, the ex-US president said he would “essentially be a WASTED PROTEST VOTE” in the upcoming presidential elections as his votes would only help Biden’s campaign.

In response, Kennedy challenged Trump to a live televised debate.

“President Trump’s rant against me is a barely coherent barrage of wild and inaccurate claims that should best be resolved in the American tradition of presidential debate,” Kennedy wrote on X last month.

Trump leads with 41.6 percent in the presidential race, according to FiveThirtyEight’s national polling-average tracker. While Biden is at second position with 40.8 percent, Kennedy Jr. remains at third spot with 10.3 percent.



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