US official makes ‘chapati’, ‘puri’ reference to explain India-US trade ties

A senior US government official on Tuesday made a ‘chapati’ and ‘puri’ reference to describe the trade relations between India and the United States.

A file photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US president Joe Biden(AP file)

Geoffrey R Pyatt, the US assistant secretary of state for energy resources, said,”Nobody today characterises their trade relationship as flat as a ‘chapati’. It has become big and puffed up like a big ‘puri'”

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“I think we are not currently involved in any kind of a Free Trade Agreement negotiation with India, but we have ongoing and important negotiations about how to facilitate a further deepening of our trade relationship,” he was quoted as saying by ANI.

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Earlier, Pyatt expressed optimism about enhancing Indo-US energy cooperation and labelled it as one of Washington DC’s most vital energy and security relationships globally.

The US official also highlighted the potential for collaboration between the two countries in the field of clean energy. He cited discussions with Indian renewable energy firm Greenko on investments in storage and green hydrogen, including ventures in the United States.

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“It really illustrates how Indian companies are fully aligned with the United States in terms of our shared interest in reducing our exposure to Chinese domination of clean technology supply chains, and uniquely, I think, in the Indian case, using India’s capacities in manufacturing and labour costs to build up a real alternative supply chain,” he added.

Pyatt emphasized India’s manufacturing capabilities and labour resources as valuable assets in building alternative supply chains, further solidifying the potential for strengthened collaboration between the two democracies in the energy sector.

US official hails Indian Navy’s action against Houthis

Pyatt also hailed Indian Navy’s action against the Houthis, adding it showed New Delhi’s capacity as a ‘net security provider’.

“We are living through a moment of unprecedented turmoil in the international system. What’s happening to global container shipping as containerized shipping has been rerouted, and what impact has that had on inflation?”, he said.

“The Indian Navy intervened to save a tanker ship that was on fire as a result of a Houthi missile strike. It was the Indian Navy that came to the rescue of that ship. It illustrates India’s capacity as a net security provider in the wider region, which benefits the United States,” Pyatt added.

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