Viral TikTok guides illegal immigrants to ‘invade’ American homes, citing squatter rights

A now viral TikTok video addressing illegal immigrants explained how they could invoke squatting laws and ‘invade’ American houses without being a “public burden.” A fellow migrant, Venezuelan TikToker Leonal Moreno, shouts out about his plans of “invading a house in the United States.”

Venezuelan TikToker Leonal Moreno, ‘migrant influencer,’ tells illegal immigrants about how to twist squatting laws to their advantage and ‘invade’ US homes.

Tapping squatter rights, he claims that he’s found a law “that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.” Disseminating his message in Spanish, he announces his next line of business as “invading abandoned houses.” Also highlighting that some of his African friends have already found such seven US homes, Moreno believes this to be the apt way for migrants not to be a “public burden” or live as homeless beings on the street.

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Viral TikTok video for illegal immigrants and squatting rights

The migrant TikToker previously shot to internet fame upon “uniting” his followers to pay the fines ascribed to a 15-year-old migrant, Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, who reportedly shot a person at Times Square and fired on cops. He was charged as an adult with attempted murder. In his new video as well, he maintains the same instigating theme of conversation. He guides migrants about how they can seize abandoned, deteriorated houses, repair them and live in them or choose to sell them.

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Though prevalent in all 50 states, Squatter’s rights (AKA “adverse possession”) aren’t uniform across the nation. Squatters are not to be clubbed with trespassers because the latter only enter someone’s property briefly. Some states protect non-paying individuals occupying a property for long periods. In New York City, people staying at a property for only 30 days can invoke Squatter’s rights.

The Venezuelan TikToker has a firm following of 500,000, and his latest viral video has amassed over 3.9 million views. Yet again, the issue of migrants in the US has significantly divided the internet, with one TikTok user even writing, “This guy needs to be charged with whatever crime.” Many others chimed in, claiming he was “engaging others to engage in illegal activities.”

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