Vivek as Trump’s VP? Internet is abuzz with speculations as Trump says he has shortlisted his running mate

Since it became evident that the 2024 presidential election will be a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, those captivated by political drama have shifted their focus to the race for Trump’s running mate. This aspect of the 2024 election defies the usual conventions in several ways. Typically, candidates seek a vice-presidential pick who can “balance” the ticket demographically, ideologically, or geographically. Even Trump adhered to this strategy in 2016 when he selected Mike Pence.

Video of Trump’s private jet leaving Cleveland sparks rumors of Vivek Ramaswamy being Trump’s VP choice. (REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz)(REUTERS)

Now, as we navigate through 2024, the whole spectrum is different for the Republican presidential hopeful. Now, many speculate that the former POTUS will select Indian-American entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Trump called Vivek a ‘smart guy’

Earlier, in March, Trump dismissed any notion for Vivek to be his VP, but last week, the wheel moved, as the 45th US President raved the Indian-American entrepreneur at a a rally in Wisconsin.

Trump called Ramaswamy a “smart guy” who can “pull it off” his administration control.

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“If I gave it to Vivek to do, he’d pull it off,” Trump said, and added, “he’s gonna be with us in some form,” if not VP.

Vivek also lauded Trump, saying, “Donald Trump is the George Washington of our day.”

Speculation grows over Trump’s potential VP choice

Recently, an X user posted a video where it can be seen Trump’s private jet leaving the runway. The user noted, “Trump discreetly left Cleveland, a few days ago, unbeknownst to anyone, I took this video of his plane leaving Cleveland Hopkins airport. Trump was here bc he wanted to ask someone to become his VP in person. The secret service drove him south.”

“Trump’s VP is going to be Vivek.”

The video crossed 100k views in no time, with over 400 comments.

“I will vote for him if and only if Vivek is his VP,” one user commented, while another chimed in, “I hope you’re right. In my opinion, @VivekGRamaswamy is the best choice for just about ANY job. The guy is INCREDIBLY articulate and intelligent. It would set up Vivek to run for Prez in 2028 to!!”

“Hard to go secretly to places with your name ten feet tall on the side of your plane,” another said.

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One cautious user noted, “I will be very happy if this turns out to be true. But for now, I’ll assume it’ll be @NikkiHaley so that whoever he chooses will have some (relatively) positive attributes… He couldn’t choose worse than her, right?”

A Ramaswamy spokesperson told the New York Post last week, “There’s a lot of press speculation, but I can tell you Vivek’s top focus is making sure we get President Trump elected so that we can take America First to the next level.”

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