Vivek Ramaswamy declares he would accept Trump’s VP offer, claps back at Ann Coulter’s racist remark

Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who endorsed Donald Trump after pulling out from the 2024 White House race, has declared that he would accept an offer to be ex-president’s running mate.

Businessman and former U.S. presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy speaks during a press conference after attending the trial of former U.S. President Donald Trump for allegedly covering up hush money payments linked to extramarital affair with Stormy Daniels, at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City, U.S., May 14, 2024. (REUTERS)

Ramaswamy recently appeared on PDB Podcast, and Patrick Bet-David sought his response on what if Trump wins and asks him to be his VP.

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“Let’s just say the president calls you, former president who’s running right now, Trump calls you, he wins. Vivek, I want you to be the VP. I want you to be, after he wins, DAG. I want you to be Secretary of Commerce. I want you to be, is there any job you would say no to if he called you to say, I want you to help me with XYZ job?” the podcaster asked.

The Indian-American politician highlighted that he shares a good relationship with Trump and respects him immensely.

“If he knows who I am, and we’ve got to know each other really well, if after knowing all of that, he would ask me to be vice president, or you brought up that example, let’s just answer really honestly, anybody who cares about this country who’s aligned with his vision and the Republican Party today, if they’re asked to be vice president is going to say yes, and has a responsibility to say yes. And so I think that that goes without saying,” he continued.

“It’s not me first, it’s not Trump first— it’s America first,” Ramaswamy asserted.

Responding to his announcement, one X user wrote: “Vivek is dedicated to serving the country”.

“He sees it as service, not personal advancement,” another reacted.

The announcement coincides with Ramaswamy’s latest appearance in New York, where he has arrived to attend Trump’s hush money trial in show of solidarity with other Republicans.

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Ramaswamy hits back at Ann Coulter’s racist remarks

Going forward, Ramaswamy reacted on his recent exchange with author Ann Coulter, who told him that she’s wouldn’t vote for him because he is an Indian.

“I did not expect she would just kick it off right there, get right into the business. And I think it actually made for a really good conversation, believe it or not,” he said on being asked about his conversation with Coulter.

“Of course, I disagree with hell like her on that being a criteria to be the U.S. president is her description of whether or not you’re an Indian. I’m born in the United States. I’m as American as they come,” he added.

Calling it an honest discussion, Ramaswamy said: “But I thought it actually formed a really strong basis for an honest conversation that we otherwise don’t have because her view is that in order to actually be a U.S. president, you got to be even more American, right?”

“So you’re not fully American if your parents weren’t from the United States of America. And in order to trust somebody, the more generations they’ve been here, let’s say you’ve been here six or seven generations, you have more of what she would call. I think she did call during the podcast,” he added.

Ramaswamy, who has a history of opposing the hush money trial, is among Trump’s top VP contenders. He is New York to spend the entire day with 77-year-old Trump.

Taking to X, he called the 45th president’s trial “a sham” and said “one lesson every American can take away from watching this trial: when weak-willed losers try to enter your life, run like hell in the other direction.”

“You know who ultimately actually casts the vote on this case? It’s not just the jurors in that jury box. It’s every American who votes this November to say NO to the weaponization of justice,” he said while addressing the reporters on Tuesday.


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