Warning from the Spanish Ministry to Tourists Going to Morocco

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues crucial warnings to Spanish citizens planning to visit Morocco in the near future. These recommendations focus on potential dangers along Moroccan coasts and when traveling by car across the country.

According to information released, the first recommendation warns of the risks associated with Moroccan beaches exposed to powerful sea currents, particularly along the Atlantic coast and in the strait. The authorities recommend increased vigilance in these areas to avoid any incidents linked to weather and sea conditions.

The second recommendation specifically concerns car travel to Morocco. It is imperative that visitors register their vehicle in a Moroccan security register upon arrival. This measure aims to ensure effective traceability of vehicles entering and leaving the country, thus strengthening the safety of travelers.

Furthermore, the Spanish diplomatic report previously released in February confirmed Morocco’s general safety for tourists. However, it is strongly advised to avoid military zones and unmarked desert regions, as well as to stay away from photography activities near these sensitive areas.

In conclusion, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends that tourists traveling to Morocco travel in groups in isolated rural areas, particularly in the desert, and to favor the use of all-terrain vehicles. These measures aim to guarantee the safety and well-being of Spanish travelers during their stay in Morocco, while providing them with an enriching and hassle-free travel experience.

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