Was Kate Middleton forced to release her cancer video? Report claims a leak was at the Palace’s heels…

Kensington Palace was reportedly cornered to “hurry out” Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis video in late March – only after the news leaked out, according to insiders’ claims. The Princess of Wales broke her long spell of absence from the media upon revealing that she had been diagnosed with cancer on March 22. Although the type of cancer ailing her is still under wraps, she opened up about undergoing ‘preventive chemotherapy.’

The image from a video where Kate Middleton talks about how she and Prince William are handling her cancer diagnosis. (X/@KensingtonRoyal)

A new DailyMail report suggests that the Palace rushed out her video message for a reason. And, it doesn’t involve silencing the brewing uproarious conspiracies on the internet – #KateGate – surrounding her well-being. The Duchess and her husband, Prince William, got embroiled in tonnes of headlines with her missing in action after her abdominal surgery in January 2024. However, with the new report coming to light, the cancer announcement wasn’t a means to quiet down social media (following many failed attempts to do so), but someone else altogether.

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Why was Kate Middleton’s cancer video rushed out, according to the report?

Per the “well-placed source,” the video’s timing was particularly strategised to avoid any ill-timed news leaks. Middleton’s video address followed quickly after a source reportedly claimed to have knowledge about her health.

The royal insider states the said source contacted the Palace about her diagnosis, thereby pushing them into the corner. Stepping down hard on the pedal, the Palace released Kate’s video to take control of the narrative.

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However, the leak’s originating source is still shrouded in mystery. It’s left the Kensington Palace aides speculating if The London Clinic, where Middleton’s abdominal surgery was carried out, was responsible for the chaotic development or if the leak came from elsewhere.

The said video had a majority fraction of the internet going into the soul-searching mode, retracting from its initial meeting actions. While the new report claims that the video announcement was rolled out to avoid any leaks, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, stated otherwise therein.

Her March 22 address implied that she and her family were privately dealing with her health scenario, climbing their way up to find the apt and sensitive setting for the news to be shared with her children – Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis. However, the new bombshell revelation twists the story around the picture painted initially. Could her cancer diagnosis news have been delayed if it were not for the supposed leak’s interference?

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