Watch: Pickup truck mows down pedestrians while escaping cop car in Atlanta

A pickup truck driver plowed into multiple pedestrians while trying to escape a pursuing police car after doing donuts at an Atlanta street show. The incident captured in video, occurred at the bustling intersection of 17th Street and Northside Drive on a Sunday night.

Police chase in Atlanta ends with an officer apprehending a pickup Truck driver who plowed into pedestrians. (Twitter/CitizenFreePres)

The chaos began when a Ford150 pickup truck started performing donuts at the busy intersection. The driver’s identity remains undisclosed. Moments later, a Georgia state trooper initiated a pursuit.

The footage captures the incident as the out-of-control truck collides with pedestrians on the street, prompting them to disperse. Onlookers can be heard expressing their shock and disbelief.

The pursuing police vehicle attempted to contain the assailant’s truck. After a series of collisions and a PIT maneuver – a tactic that forces a fleeing vehicle to abruptly turn sideways, causing loss of control – the truck finally came to a halt.

As soon as the truck stopped the officer swiftly drew his weapon as the driver raised his hands in surrender. The officer then leaped onto the hood of the vehicle and apprehended the driver.

Many bystanders were seen filming the intense action, and cheers of support for the police officer rang out. The exact number of injuries resulting from the incident remains unclear at this time.

A video of the incident posted by Citizen Free Press on social media platform X, formerly Twitter quickly gained immense traction, amassing over 200 thousand views. Many viewers hailed the officer’s swift response and bravery. They captioned the video, “Wild scene out of Atlanta. Truck strikes multiple pedestrians and attempts to flee after doing donuts at a sideshow. Cowboy cop waited his whole career for a moment like this. Excellent PIT maneuver.” “Looks like solid police work,” commented one user. Another echoing similar sentiments wrote, “God bless our police! That officer knew that truck had to be stopped.”

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