Watch: Smoke billows from aircraft upon landing in Japan, disaster averted

A major incident was averted at Shin Chitose airport in Japan on Wednesday as an All Nippon Airways (ANA) plane sprayed oil from the aircraft while landing. All passengers and crew members on board were unharmed, confirmed officials.

All Nippon Airways plane engulfed in smoke after landing in Japan, narrowly avoids disaster.(X/@fl360aero)

According to ANA officials, the oil, which originated from a nonflammable control system, evaporated upon contact with a hot engine, triggering smoke. They assured those on board that the leak did not pose any safety risks. However, a warning in the cockpit prompted an investigation into the cause of the leakage.

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Flight 71, originating from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and carrying 204 passengers and nine crew members, landed safely and was subsequently towed to the arrival terminal. All on board were able to disembark without any reported incidents.

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All Nippon Airways oil spray video here

In a widely circulated video on the internet, smoke can be seen billowing from beneath the aircraft immediately after it touches the runway.

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Following the incident, the Chitose city fire department dispatched multiple fire engines to the scene. Additionally, one of New Chitose airport’s runways was temporarily closed for the removal of the leaked oil.

In January, a collision and fire accident involving a Japan Airlines flight and a coast guard plane at Haneda Airport claimed five lives. Passengers and crew members from the JAL plane evacuated safely, but the coast guard pilot sustained injuries and the five crew members lost their lives.

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In another incident the same month, a Korean Air plane collided with a parked Cathay Pacific aircraft due to a ground vehicle slipping on snow, resulting in no reported injuries but causing significant damage.

(Inputs from AP)

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