Watch YouTube streamer IShowSpeed get bitten by a dog in South Korea, screams ‘I am bleeding’ on the streets

YouTube streamer IShowSpeed is in South Korea and was caught in another dramatic moment that’s gone viral on the internet. Speed is known for barking at dogs and humans trying to rile them up, to the point that Drake, the Canadian rapper, recently trolled him for it. For the first time he faced the repercussions. 

IShowSpeed’s gets bitten by a dog in South Korea.Kevin Winter/Getty Images/AFP (Photo by KEVIN WINTER / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)(Getty Images via AFP)

While streaming from the streets of South Korea, Speed came across a passerby carrying her pet dog. The 19-year-old YouTuber promptly started barking at the pet and got too close to the dog’s mouth, ultimately getting bitten in the face.

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The bite initially did not show any bruising, but Speed soon started bleeding from his nose and exclaimed, “”Oh f-ck, I am bleeding. F-ck, I am bleeding.”

The animal was held in front of the streamer, who began to bark at it arrogantly. The dog barked a little at first, but the woman moved him away.

The YouTuber then approached the dog and attempted to agitate it by approaching it and barking louder than usual. The streamer’s face was too close to the dog’s jaws, giving it the chance to bite him.

Speed’s reaction to getting bitten by a dog

IShowspeed who himself got a dog earlier this year, recoiled from the dog, and started joking clutching at his face, “Oh f-ck, I am bleeding. F-ck I am bleeding. You got rabies?”

Speed joked with the owner that he would sue the owner for the dog bite, clarifying a second later that he would not as it was his fault ”I am suing you, I am suing you. I am trolling; I am trolling; I am not. It was my fault. Oh my f-cking god, you are okay. You are okay.”

“It’s my fault, baby, my fault. I am sorry, did I scare you?”

Speed then continued to stream for another half an hour before ending the broadcast.

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