Who are Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow? Trump shares stage at massive Bronx rally with drill rappers accused of murder

Two drill rappers, who were invited onstage by former US President Donald Trump at his historic Bronx rally on Thursday, have been indicted as co-conspirators in a 2023 murder case.

Rappers Sheff G, right, also known as Michael Williams, and Sleepy Hallow, center, also known as Tegan Chambers, join the Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump during a campaign rally in the south Bronx, Thursday, May. 23, 2024, in New York. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)(AP)

Trump’s latest rally drew thousands of supporters in NYC, the region which is dominated by the Democrats and non-white population.

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After the rappers arrived on the stage, Trump stated that he loved the glittering diamond grills on their teeth, saying that “I like those teeth, I gotta get my teeth like that.”

“One thing I want to say, they’re always going to whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures. Trump’s gonna shout the wins for all of us,” Sheff G told the audience.

Before leaving the platform, Sleepy Hallow recited Trump’s iconic campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”.

All you need to know about Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow

Sheff G, whose real name is Michael Williams, is a 25-year-old rapper. He is popular for his songs and videos that have received millions views on YouTube and Spotify.

He is also a major figure in the gang case, as disclosed by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez almost a year ago while he was serving prison sentence in attempted weapons possession case.

Tegan Chambers, a 24-year-old rapper popularly known as Sleepy Hallow, has nearly 11 million monthly Spotify listeners. He is facing charges of conspiracy in the gang case. However, he and Sheff G both have pleaded not guilty.

Both the rappers are scheduled to appear in court next month. Arthur Aidala, Sheff G’s lawyers, said on Friday that “intense litigation” was underway and that “we’re cautiously optimistic that Mr. Williams will be exonerated.

After receiving parole in his weapons case in June 2023, Sheff G remained imprisoned on the fresh accusations until April, when a judge granted bail at $1.5 million cash.

In May 2023, Hallow was released on bond of $200,000.

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Sheff G hosted Sleepy Hallow and others to a steak dinner to commemorate an October 2020 shooting that claimed life of an alleged member of a rival gang and wounded five others, according to authorities.

“It is how, in part, Sheff G and Tegan Chambers – Sleepy Hallow – assert influence, right? Because they take people out, and they are able to spend money, and they are able to encourage others to do some of the gang violence that’s just critically important to them and their status in the community,” Gonzalez stated in a press conference with New York Mayor Eric Adams in May 2023.

Prosecutors have claimed they have evidence, including text messages and social media, to support up their charges against the rappers.

Trump’s campaign reacts

Speaking to Daily Mail, a representative for Trump’s team was asked if the campaign was aware of the claims and whether the ex-president sought the rappers’ endorsement or vice versa.

Spokesman Steven Cheung replied in an email, “‘As Sheff G said: `They always whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures.”

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