Who was Sameer Kamath, 2nd Indian found dead in Purdue University in a week?

Sameer Kamath was a 23-year-old Indian-origin doctorate student enrolled at Purdue University in Indiana, US. He was found dead on Monday when his body was discovered at a nature reserve.

Taken from Sameer Kamath’s LinkedIn profile.(LinkedIn)

Yet another unfortunate tragic headline joins the series of mishaps centred around Indian students studying in the US. The aspiring mechanical engineer candidate wasn’t just the second Indian-American student from Purdue University to have met with such an upsetting fate this week, but possibly also at least the eighth one to have made it to such a harrowing stream of headlines this year. And it’s only the second month of the year.

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Who was Purdue student Sameer Kamath?

In his early 20s, Kamath had already completed his master’s in mechanical engineering on August 4, 2023. The statement from Warren County Coroner’s office confirmed that he held a US citizenship. His LinkedIn profile (now memorialised as a tribute to his professional legacy) affirms that he was on his way to completing the doctorate program next year. Kamath’s brilliant SAT scores are listed on the same page as 1570/1600.

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Hailing from Amherst in Massachusetts, Kamath enrolled at Purdue in the summer of 2021. Before joining the Indiana higher education institution, he had finished his bachelor’s in the same field at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Purdue Exponent, the independent student newspaper, informed that the Indian student had been found at NICHES land trust, i.e. a nature preserve at Crow’s Grove. The press statement had also revealed that the forensic autopsy was slated for Tuesday afternoon in Crawfordsville. The cause of death is yet to be announced.

The heartbreaking news of Sameer Kamath’s demise over a week after another Indian student, Neel Acharya’s body was discovered on the university campus. Although Kamath was found off-campus, this is possibly the third Purdue-centric tragedy that has come to light in less than two years. Earlier in October 2023, Purdue Exponent had also reported the death of Varun Manish Chheda. The 20-year-old was killed in his room by a fellow Korean student, Ji Min’Jimmy’ Sha.

G Dinesh and Nikesh, Syed Mazahir Ali, Vivek Saini, Shreyas Reddy Beniger and Akul Dhawan were six other Indian students in the US who were found dead under mysterious circumstances recently.

Much like dominoes falling and taking down everything in their path, this series of deaths compels one to ponder over the rather lack of security guidelines that no longer seem to have any control over the violent attacks happening in the country. It also pushes one to mull over the heart-rending notion that while these victims, that too, students, were discovered, how many more out there have been subjected to a similar fate, but their misfortunes may have been omitted from the public view?

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