‘Women are catty’: Bill Maher harangues Caitlin Clark’s team for not defending her after controversial Sky-Fever foul

Real Time host Bill Maher can’t not be in the headlines. He jumped on the contentious WNBA bandwagon for his latest critique concerning discussions around rookie sensation Caitlin Clark.

Friday: Bill Maher unpacked the viral WNBA controversy surrounding Chicago Sky #7 guard Chennedy Carter’s foul on Indiana Fever #22 guard Caitlin Clark.(Real Time with Bill Maher)

The political pundit bluntly criticized Indiana Fever’s #22 teammates for their inability to defend her on the court following last weekend’s Chennedy Carter misfire. The prolonged conversation surrounding Clark’s WNBA debut has pushed her loyalists to speculate if other experienced players in the league are subjecting her to a sort of initiation, leaving her feeling that she’s “getting hammered” at the expense of technicalities.

Maher chimed in with the ongoing commotion about players being “jealous” of the standout rookie player. Akin to many other WNBA fans, Maher also bowed down to the “Caitlin Clark Effect” and agreed to take an interest in women’s sports once the 2024 draft’s No. 1 overall pick hit the big league. “Women’s basketball got on my radar because of Caitlin Clark. The other girls in the league are delighted for her success. I’m kidding, of course. They f**king hate her,” he said on Friday.

His recent outburst of radical honesty may not be to everyone’s taste. Yet, similar to how former NBA star Matt Barnes lambasted Clark’s teammates, Maher also called attention to how no one came to her aid when she was body-checked by Chicago Sky #7 guard Chennedy Carter.

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Bill Maher calls out Caitlin Clark’s “catty” teammates for not defending her

In one of his recent chat show episodes, Maher cued the viral clip of Carter aggressively taking a cheap shot at Clark during last weekend’s Chicago Sky-Indiana Fever game. #22 took it hard and hit the floor. The technical foul on her was later upgraded to a flagrant.

He reviewed the basketball clip that’s got the community abuzz for over a week. Remaining cognisant of men’s “toxic” traits, Maher took a swing at not only Clark’s teammates but the WNBA at large. “See, if this was men, they’d defend each other on their same team,” the Real Time host said on Friday.

His initial comments aligned with Matt Barnes’ remarks, which previously addressed how a team’s duty was to protect its star players.

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“Men will fight from two teams, but when somebody checks you on who’s on your team, you defend that guy. I’m just saying men have their bad parts. We’re toxic. We’re dogs. Only women would do this,” Maher went on.

“Women are catty… Even the ones on your own team,” he added.

Briefly discussing the issue with Bad Therapy author and journalist Abigail Shrier and Reason Magazine editor-at-large Matt Welch, Maher remarked, “There’s also a racial element to this… It’s not always racism when a White person succeeds.”

Welch stayed on the same page and replied, “It’s not always racism when Black people hip-check them, either.”

Maher’s comments took a sharp controversial turn at the end as he said, “It’s everything: Women are catty, the league is very lesbian, and [Caitlin Clark] is not… there’s a lot going on.”


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