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A historic decision has been made in the world of football: the iconic Santiago Bernabéu stadium, home of Real Madrid, will be the venue for the 2030 World Cup final. The announcement, confirmed by MARCA, propels Madrid to the centre of global attention for this world-renowned competition.

This is a significant recognition for Madrid, a city steeped in football passion, and for the Santiago Bernabéu, renowned for its modernity and electric atmosphere. The designation of this prestigious stadium to host the final underlines the capital importance of the event, which will attract millions of spectators across the globe.

Alongside Portugal and Morocco, Spain will play a central role in this 2030 World Cup, marking a strong union between these nations around the shared passion for football. The final will represent the culmination of this sporting celebration, providing a grandiose stage at the Santiago Bernabéu to crown the world champions.

Preparations are already underway to ensure the success and safety of this historic event. The Spanish authorities, in close collaboration with FIFA, are doing everything possible to ensure optimal conditions for both participants and spectators, promising an unforgettable experience for all football fans.

In short, the decision to entrust the 2030 World Cup final to the Santiago Bernabéu is much more than a simple choice of venue: it is an affirmation of Madrid as the world capital of football for this pivotal year. All nations are preparing to converge on the Spanish capital, where excitement is building in anticipation of a historic event that promises to write a new golden page in the history of the king of sports.

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