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In Moroccan football circles, an exciting news is surfacing as inside sources reveal that national coach, Walid Regragui, is seriously considering the possibility of recalling Abdelhamid Sabiri to the ranks of the national team. This decision could well be crucial given the current needs of the national team.

According to these same sources, Regragui is closely monitoring Sabiri’s development within his club, Al-Fayha. The player has already been called up to the national team in the past, and his return to the team is eagerly awaited at the next gathering.

It is worth remembering that Regragui selected Sabiri for a friendly match against Chile before the World Cup, where he distinguished himself with his shooting skills, scoring a superb goal. His talent was also on display in subsequent encounters against Belgium during the World Cup, as well as in a friendly match against Brazil.

Sabiri, recognized for his experience and technical skills, has demonstrated his ability to deliver exceptional performance in difficult situations. This decision to recall him to the national team could therefore prove to be a positive step in strengthening the team’s capabilities and improving its performance in future matches.

In conclusion, Abdelhamid Sabiri’s potential return to the national team seems to be a strategic decision to strengthen the team and reach new heights in the upcoming competitions. Fans will have high hopes that Sabiri will continue to excel on the field and contribute to the future successes of the national team.

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