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National coach Walid Regragui has officially chosen to include Real Madrid star Brahim Diaz in the preliminary list of the Moroccan national team. This decision marks a crucial step in the constitution of the team which will face the teams of Mauritania and Angola.

As part of the preparations for the upcoming international fixtures, Regragui took the initiative of including Real Madrid star Brahim Diaz among the pre-selected players. This decision aims to ensure Diaz’s presence in the Moroccan team, while anticipating possible complications linked to his international availability.

The presence of Brahim Diaz in the preliminary list testifies to the commitment of the Moroccan national team to field its best players in international competitions. This inclusion also highlights Diaz’s strategic importance in the team’s composition and Morocco’s aspirations to achieve positive results in upcoming matches.

As the date of international meetings approaches, Walid Regragui will closely monitor developments regarding the availability of Brahim Diaz. This vigilance reflects the desire of the national coach to guarantee the presence of the best elements of the team to face the challenges to come.

While awaiting developments related to Brahim Diaz, the technical team led by Regragui is actively preparing for the matches against the teams of Mauritania and Angola. Diaz’s call-up strengthens the Moroccan team’s determination to achieve its sporting objectives and to represent the country with dignity on the international stage.

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