Laâyoune: Preview screening of the feature film “Sahari Slem Wesaa” by Moulay Taieb Bouhanana

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 1:23 p.m.

Laâyoune – The feature film “Sahari Slem Wesaa” by Moulay Taieb Bouhanana, whose official release in theaters is scheduled for June 19, was screened, Monday evening, in preview at the Palais des congrès de Laâyoune, in the presence of actors and personalities from various backgrounds.

This 119-minute film, whose plot takes place between the 70s and 90s of the last century, tells the story of Hammad, Salka and Ammar, three brothers from the southern provinces of the Kingdom, who decided, after the Green March , to break ties so that everyone leads their own lives alone.

The three brothers thought their separation would last only a few days or weeks, until they found themselves in the middle of a long-lasting conflict. However, nostalgia will push them to face all difficulties in the hope of reuniting again.

After a few years of separation, the paths of the three brothers will soon cross again, after their mother falls ill, because Hammad has decided to do everything in his power to find his two brothers at the risk of his life and reunite the family again.

On the sidelines of the screening, producer and director Moulay Taieb Bouhanana indicated that the production process of this feature film, which was screened in the presence of all the actresses and actors of the film, is the result of long-term work. , in order to refine the various details of the film.

Mr. Bouhanana also spoke of the good atmosphere during which the film was shot, thanks to the spirit of cooperation which prevails between all the actors, whether artistically or in terms of interpretation.

He also said that the story of this film was experienced by several families from the southern provinces in the 70s of the last century.

For his part, the actor Mohamed Bouchait who played the role of “Amar”, said he was very honored to take part in this film which constituted, for him, an enriching experience both on a human and professional level, welcoming the preview screening of the film in Laâyoune where a large part of the filming takes place.

“Sahari Slem Wesaa”, which is the first feature film of Moulay Taieb Bouhanana, brought together a cast of important actors, including Fatima Harrandi “Raouia”, Mohamed Khouyi, Anas El Baz and Nadia Kounda, as well as local actors, in the occurrence of Youssef Taki, Oulaya Touir, Mohamed Bouchait.

This first feature film by director and producer Moulay Taieb Bouhanana won several national and international awards, namely the Best Arab Film Award at the 39th edition of the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival (Egypt 2023), the best full-length film (Grand Prize) at the 5th edition of the Cinemana International Festival in Musandam (Sultanate of Oman 2024).

It is also the Best Screenplay Award at the 15th edition of the Jaipur International Film Festival (India 2023) and the Best Decor Award at the same Festival, as well as the Jury Prize at the 11th edition of the International Film Festival. Dakhla film (Morocco 2023).

Producer and director Moulay Taieb Bouhanana specialized in institutional films before devoting himself to cinema. He also held the position of production director of Laâyoune regional television between 2010 and 2014.

In addition, he wrote, produced and directed two short films “The Book of Life” in 2010 and “Wassit” in 2015.

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