The government has submitted 140 bills to parliament (Mr. Baitas)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 11:40 p.m.

Rabat – The government has tabled a total of 140 bills in parliament since the start of its mandate, indicated, Tuesday in the House of Advisors, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, Government Spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas .

In response to an oral question on the “interaction of the government with parliament”, the minister specified that 112 bills were tabled as a priority in the House of Representatives and 28 in the House of Advisors, noting that the two Chambers adopted 117 bills, 71 unanimously and 46 by majority.

He also indicated that the standing committees of the two Houses held, in the presence of the government, 580 meetings, including 243 in the House of Advisors and 337 in the House of Representatives, with the holding of 129 plenary sessions (64 in the House of Representatives and 65 in the House of Advisors), adding that the number of bills currently being studied in the two Houses amounts to 19 projects.

Regarding the legislative initiative of parliament, Mr. Baitas assured that the government held 21 meetings during which the executive expressed its positions in relation to 295 legislative proposals, of which 47 were initiated by the House of Advisors, noting that 27 proposals were approved out of 295.

As for the total number of legislative proposals tabled since the start of the legislative mandate, they reached 354, which reflects the dynamics of the two Houses of Parliament, noted the minister.

On the aspect of parliamentary control, Mr. Baitas affirmed that the statistical data demonstrate effective interaction with parliament, in terms of control of government action in general, and parliamentary questions in particular, specifying that the government has expressed its prepared to answer 1,769 oral questions, of which 1,269 were scheduled by the two Houses of Parliament.

Regarding written questions, the government received 21,700 written questions from the two Chambers, said Mr. Baitas, adding that this is a significant number never reached during a legislative mandate.

In this sense, the minister specified that the government responded to 15,507 written questions, a rate of 71.45%.

Furthermore, he stressed that the government has sought to strengthen constructive cooperation and permanent communication with the legislative institution, while taking into account total respect for the separation of powers, close and fruitful collaboration between the two powers and optimal use of legislative time.

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