This Arab Country Bans Working Under the Sun Starting Saturday

Saudi Arabia announces crucial measure for worker safety. Starting next Saturday, a ban on working in direct sunlight will be in effect in all private sector facilities. This decision, taken by the Ministry of Human Resources, aims to protect the health of employees and ensure safe working conditions.

Under the new guidelines, outdoor work will be prohibited between noon and 3 p.m. This measure is planned to last until Sunday September 15.

The main objective of this ban is to avoid health risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun. By encouraging employers to organize work schedules to avoid these hours of high exposure, the Saudi government hopes to reduce heat-related occupational accidents and illnesses.

In addition, the Ministry of Human Resources has published a comprehensive guide on occupational safety and health, available on its website. This guide provides detailed information on preventing the harmful effects of sun exposure and heat, as well as instructions on how to report violations of this ban.

This decision demonstrates the Saudi government’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its workers. By taking proactive steps to ensure safe working conditions, Saudi Arabia hopes to improve the productivity and well-being of its workforce.

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